Another Win for the Festival Basketball Bulls on the 17th of April 2017 at the competition in which  HILLTOPS coach (coach Nick) hosted.

The Match

The match was at Ejigbo, Lagos State , Eight players of the FBB were present there. They got there in time so they waited patiently for the game to start, they did their prayers team discussion and a little bit of warm up before the game.

Their first match was against brivet led by their coach, coach Oshilo.

Before the game started both teams assembled to the middle of the court for the referee to speak to them and check their nails.

After that the FBB’s first five assembled getting ready to feel the heat while the brivet first five assembled too.

The game was a bit rough with several fouls but it didn’t stop the FBB .

Like it is said to whom much is given much is expected the FBB with a great struggle won the brivet…(46 – 36).

The teams most valuable player was Onyeka umeadi who is the teams point guard gave several assists and made most of the basket.