Festaconline in line with our community initiative kicks off a new segment tagged FOVOICES.

You can now share your experiences ,ordeals and happenings with us and the community at large.p

Our First Feature – My keke Ordeal

An Foreader, shared with us her nasty ordeal with a Keke Napep operator.

On the 16th of November 2017, boarded a Keke at Agboju after purchasing lots of items ,so i put in my bag and stepped out to pick-up an item.

I got back into the keke and headed home. On getting home i discovered that my phone was missing.

I was devastated ,immediately i got back to the Agboju and looked for the driver but to no avail, i lamented and reported the case to people around and they told me that it happened yesterday.

Another lady has that same experience. So i decided to share my experience so as to alert and warn people in the community to be more careful.

Have you experienced such beforeĀ  ? Drop Your Comments below.

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