Another kidnap attempt was foiled as Executive Chairman of Fancy and Furniture Dealers’ Association in Alaba International market was targeted.  The rate of kidnapping in Festac Town and entire Amuwo Odofin has become alarming and something to be worried about . On Monday 15th February 2016 another planned kidnap attempt was foiled. Attempted+Kidnapping.mgn

According to the Telegraph , Chief Emeka Mmozoba ,  a businessman and Executive Chairman of Fancy and Furniture Dealers’ Association in Alaba International market would have been kidnapped but thank God the plan and attempt was foiled.

Chief Emeka Mmozoba, was eating at Tank and Tummy eatery, when five men, alleged to be kidnappers, stormed the place. Recounting the incident to the Telegraph, Chief Mmozoba said:

“I drove into Tank and Tummy restaurant around 5p.m. on Monday to eat.

I noticed strange faces peeping through my car. I recognised three of them. They are among the opposition group fighting against my administration in the market. But the rest two were unknown faces. “I ran into the toilet. They came to the toilet and started knocking on the door.

One of them said they should break the door but another said no, as that would attract attention.

I heard one of them giving orders to two members of his gang to stay behind to monitor my moment while others should go and lay ambush for me outside. At that point, I started sending text messages to security operatives that I know, including my family members and friends.

After spending about 45 minutes inside the toilet, I peeped through the window and saw one of the private guards attached to the eatery.

I called and told him my situation.” The manager of the eatery called some policemen in front of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC filling station around the area, when he saw how unruly and uneasy the men were making his customers.

More Details to come …