PENALTY KING Season 3 was a success as it held on Sunday the 9th of April 2017 at Stone field 41 road in Festac Town and everything went on smoothly even though there was a slight rainfall earlier in the day which led to a delay in the commencement of events.

The event was anchored by Hypeman Kalijones and Umpired by Coach Rahman of CollJenny Football academy Lagos; it kicked off with accreditation of contestants including males, females and kids all spotting different sport gears; followed by picking of numbers to determine your opponent.

People turned up to cheer their favorite players up and eventually witnessed the emergence of a new king in the person of  Aboki Ronaldo who is actually the first King not to reside in 512 Road; unlike the previous Kings, he is a resident of 41 Road.

DJ Walopa dished out fine tunes back to back to the listening pleasure of all as the tournament proceeded and we also had live music performance by emerging artistes including Falaq Ameen the Arewa rapper, Jay P, M12 aka White Boy and a few others.

Exquisite Models International lived up to expectation by fulfilling her promise as the CEO Ibikunle Exquisite Oluwafemi presented Aboki Ronaldo the latest Penalty King with his N35, 000.00 cash prize.

Bugarii Couture was present as well to present the winner, 1st and second runner up, last woman standing, last kid standing and best dressed with a designer top each.


Special thanks to all those that made this event a success including but not limited to KLX Logistics, Maverix Entertainment, imagine exploit, whales fotostudio, Webnet Photolab, Tosmicom sports Agency, Kick off Emeka, Noble Rentals, Nu waves Hair clinic, St. Chris Movin Arts, CollJenny Football academy, Bugarii Couture, Top notch Football Limited, iPlay Dreamz, Maximus Empire, Metrolife 234, and Festaconline.
Watch out for the Season 4.