Festac Must Laff (#festlaff) with MC prof & Friends was a successful one ….. A comedy event which did not only  created avenue for both corporate , businessmen, families and busy individuals to  unwind , but also left a lasting impression of peace , laughter and Joy in minds of all present .


Festac must Laff with MC Prof (save a leg campaign) was a successful event well Attended by cooperate bodies , entrepreneurs, meaningful individuals, families , celebrities etc …

Though it was just a comedy show but it was a mission to save a leg and  It was indeed an atmosphere of Lafta where participants did not only unwind but had lasting memories and waiting earnestly for the next edition .

It featured celebrities ( actors, comedians,musicians,artist,the media ,entrepreneur etc )

Festac must Laff wasn’t just a comedy show but a mission to save leg ( those having damage leg ulcer ) from amputation …. So the event is also resolved to picking up bills of such patients from the proceeds .

Thanks God it was well attended and the performances were electrifying . Watch out for Next year ….

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