Mo-rainbow Foundation wasn’t left out of the the Valentine Celebration as they made it fun there.
It was a Valentine Groove for Down syndrome as both the children, Parents as well as visitors had so much Fun on the 14th of February 2017.

It was the we move , shake and freeze for love plus loads of Cupcakes . There were donations, gifts all at the center and alot more volunteers came on board to the cause.
It was really fun and we could see the joy and excitment on their faces. Guest Ariste, Eminiic007 played the acoustic guitar with Rebecca and dance with Jessy was fun.
This event is supported by Lelook bags, Blessed creative world, Tomi Oki (Fresh to domot), Oluchi susanruth Okonkwo (Fine things store, Desy’s Eventfuls, Aize M Oginni, Aunty Tutu’s drink, Vanilla Cottage, Joseph TSoule production, Faith Willike Photography, Festaconline, and Jessy.
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