Tare is the PENALTY KING! The PENALTY KING Season 1 Competition was a success as it held on Sunday the 11th of September 2016 at Stone field 41 road in Festac Town and everything went on smoothly; thanks to matured and experienced officiating by the able umpire Okpor Emeka Anthony A.K.A Daddy Mekus who is well respected in the football circle in Lagos and beyond.


The event kicked off with accreditation of contestants numbering over 30 including 8 females all spotting different sport gears and were summarily paired to play 2 penalties against each other starting with the girls.

People came from far and near to cheer the players up and witness who will eventually emerge as the first ever penalty King, notable was the CEO of  KLX Logistics Limited; Mr. Obasi Kelechi, Director of the Concerned youth of Amuwo Odofin; Mr. Blakky, minority leader Honorable Folarin Olayiwola, CEO Whales Foto Studios; Mr. Salaam Adewale Rasheed, Director of  Tiki Taka Football academy Nigeria; Mr. Efe, Founder of  Festac online; Miss Eva Etese  and talent manager Mr. Dave Okpara. The excitement was high as leggy models took turns strutting the field displaying the dude cheque meant for the winner.

DJ Walopa did a great job, dishing out fine tunes to the listening pleasure of all and chilling JB the mascot killed the beats with different funny dance steps; MC Niger Delta was also on point as he reeled out brand new jokes to the delight of all.

After the first round, the players were already reduced to 16 males and 3 females. The males were then distributed into 4 groups A, B, C and D consisting of four players each where only 1 player will qualify from each group and advance to the grand finale.

The 3 surviving females maintained just a group. Now in the 2nd round; the semifinalists have 2 penalties each to prove themselves in order to separate the men from the boys and the Woman from the girls.


Group A was a tough one as Tare had a tough time separating himself from Onyekachi Nelson as they both scored their 2 goals respectively and continued onto sudden death which eventually was to Tare’s favour as Nelson missed one goal after scoring 4 goals concurrently; Tare on the other hand proved himself a don in the game by scoring with both feet at different times as the situation permits; scoring 5 goals concurrently thereby advancing to the Grand Finale.


Group B was an easy one for Mohammed Khamis A.K.A Aboki Ronaldo; a very popular underground striker whose concentration and accuracy caused a lot of tension amongst other players; he was the only one that scored his 2 goals in his group same for Onyekachi Michael in Group C; an accountant who came all the way from satellite town to evaluate his soccer skills in the tournament as well as have fun according to him; Imachede  Emma whom a lot believed would win the tournament especially because the field of play is right beside his home and practices there day in day out also scaled easily from Group D.

For the girls; Gift and Amanda were able to score 2 goals and advanced to the grand finale while Morenike surprisingly scored none as she scored all 2 in the 1st round.

Now we have 6 Finalists altogether; 4 men and 2 women. For this final round the women will no longer enjoy the benefit of playing their penalty from a close distance from the post; they have to join the men now to strike the ball from a farther distance for the king to emerge.


Most surprising; Gift Alugwom who came with her family all the way from Ago palace way was able to strike one in and the audience were in disbelief; Amanda on the other hand was unable to put any goal in making Gift the LAST WOMAN STANDING and was duly rewarded with a branded gold plated Tshirt donated by TJ Apparel .


For the men; all four of them scored their 2 allotted penalties rapidly with sharp accuracy like they were born to do that and this is where the knowledge and experience of Daddy Mekus the umpire was put to a final test as he resolved in shifting the penalty spot backwards to make scoring even more difficult but gave them 5 penalties each this time to prove themselves instead of 2 as in the previous rounds and it really worked as all but Aboki Ronaldo and Tare were able to score even 1 goal this time around though they came close and Onyekachi Michael even had one of his strikes bouncing off the goal pole.


Aboki Ronaldo was the first to score in this round as he put his second penalty in; at this point his fans were already celebrating him before Tare was able to put his 3rd penalty in putting them at a tie, then they both lost their 4th, Aboki lost his 5th while Tare sealed his authority by putting his last penalty in and the field erupted with jubilation as Tare the penalty king was carried shoulder high.


Exquisite Models International lived up to expectation by fulfilling her promise as the CEO Ibikunle Exquisite Oluwafemi presented Tare the Penalty King with his N30, 000.00 cash prize  along with a dude check.

Special thanks to all those that made this event a success including but not limited to KLX Logistics Limited, imagine exploit, whales foto studio, Webnet Photolab, bardbeat, Tiki Taka Football academy, Concerned youth of Amuwo Odofin, Kick off Emeka, Nu waves Hair clinic, St. Chris Arts and Festac online.
Watch out for the Season 2
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