Festac Town is one of the oldest and biggest residential estates in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.   Unfortunately , moral decadency has been forgotten and the large town is rapidly becoming a haven for prostitution, In the beginning it wasn’t so.

Apart from the obvious fact that the estate is deteriorating , moral standard seem to have been neglected. Now illegal activities seem to have found a settling ground in this town.

One of the illegal activities which is now a source of income for some is prostitution. This trade which was once frowned at is now becoming even patronized heavily.

I overheard some individuals talking and a statement was made

If you need to hook up with girls – Head over to Festac- Dem plenty for there.

I was quite surprised as this were grown up men , old enough to be fathers of these ladies.

One of the popular spots is First Avenue. Once the sun goes down and darkness sets in , the ladies gather on a long strech waiting for potential customers for the night. Associated with this act is the heavy smoking of Marijuana and cigarette all around that arena.

If it were just adults i would be half as worried as i am now. Teenagers are now engaging in this acts . You can see 14 and 15 year old girls , most times under the supervision of the older ladies who have been in this business there also waiting for their preys.

A source from Naij , revealed that

The highest congregation of sex workers in Festac is in a brothel found near the bridge, linking the town with the extension. The area is become a major sex market with ladies of all sorts plying their trade alonIn some kind of synergy, one finds out that where the whores gather to trade, drug dealing and many other shaddy deals tend to thrive, and sadly no one seem doing anything about it.

It has become a thing of shame and something should be done about this terrible growth .

It was discovered that these ladies stay in the brothel near the bridge. Funny enough their charges are quite ridiculous. Some charge between N1,500 and N3,000 for a short time service, while N3, 000 is the barest minimum to have a call girl spend the night with you in her room.

Apart from these areas, there are other red light districts in Festac town which are known to house this illegal trade. Places such as, 4th avenue , 6th avenue etc. Do you know any  other place where such is trending ?

This act is quite disturbing to residents especially those living close to these noted areas. Residents have cried out and are still crying out for something to be done.

One of the resident who wishes to remain anonymous complained bitterly of how these acts disturb her family.

These prostitutes who come here every night are disturbing the peace of my neighborhood. My kids are my concern, as i do not want them to see such decadency. My kids are asking questions o!

The residents of Festac have appealed to the Federal Housing Authority countless times but till now no action has been taken.

Should the brothel that encourage these act be removed ? What do you think should be done ?