Living in Lagos , there are different places and with the usual tussle of Festac Town is Farther from the highbrow Island in which Lekki belongs and the likes.


Rainy season is a determinant to convince anyone how much better of a place Festac Town is in comparison to Lekki and its environs.

When rain falls in Lekki , Floods are almost inevitable as as well hinders movements, lives and properties are at major risks of loss and damage.

Unlike Festac Town, no matter the number of days rain decides to shower, the roads still remain motorable, business goes on as usual except for some few insignificant areas.


Pardon the slang.  its said that 70% of youths who live in Lekki are living a fake life. Do you agree ?

Living a lie to keep up and meet expectations. The good feeling they get in telling the world they live on the island , but hey life is more than that.

Proximity To Airport

Festac Town is just 35 Minutes away from the airport which is why some airlines prefer their staff to relax, wait or lodge at Festac Town rather than Lekki which is farther.

Relatively Affordable Accommodation

Believe it or not, the cost of housing in Festac Town is way affordable when compared to Lekki at a price that wouldn’t break a bank.

A self contained apartment in Lekki can cost up to a whopping sum of 800,000 while you can get a 3 bedroom self contained with that same amount. So what’s all the fuss about Lekki ??? Festac Town is Better than Lekki

Ain’t no party like a Lagos party

Lagos never Sleeps and so does Festac Town.

It is a known fact that Lagosians are notorious hustlers; they are street wise and know just how to have the right amount of fun.

In Festac Town and its environs, there are a number of choice hotels, lounges, bars, malls and fun spots to chill and unwind that suits individual taste as well as pocket size.

Unlike Lekki highbrow areas, Fun is a luxury as you tend to spend way more than in Festac Town.

Festac town never runs dry of events and social functions to attend.

Affordable Standard of living

The Cost of living is a very key factor for any individual which would determine expenses made and savings kept.

Festac Town is a moderate , affordable community with affordable prices of good and services unlike Lekki and its environs which cost triples that of Festac.

Research carried out indicates that that the overall cost of living in the Festac Town  is lower by 5% when compared to Lekki.

So in conclusion, Lekki has its own positive reasons but without thinking twice Festac Town is a better place to live than Lekki .

Did we miss out any point ? do you disagree ? kindly drop your comments  and opinions below , lets discuss