Popular  filmmaker, Chukwuka Emelionwu,  aka Kasvid has reportedly been reported dead on Wednesday 17th January 2018.

Kasvid paased on after he was involved in a fatal accident. 

According to his family members, the accident that claimed his life happened after he left a burial at his home town, Neni, in Anambra state.

He managed to squeez himself out of the vehicle safely and was crossing over to the other side of the road to make a call when an oncoming speeding vehicle knocked him down. People rushed him to the hospital. He lost lots of blood and died three hours later.

Kasvid is famous for producing some of Nollywood biggest hit movies like Mr Ibu in London, Issakabba and AKi and PAW. He is also the owner of the famous Kas-Vid Pictures.

May his souk RIP.