Festac Town used to be a place that felt like haven where things such as amenities were functioning but fast forward 30 years its an eye sore.

Festac Town was once a place that people tagged little London , the streets were orderly , Street lights well lit at nights , roads were tarred and maintained , there were parks , Even the apartment buildings were in good shape , well painted. But Now  the opposite is the case.

We now have decaying apartments , rusted buildings , Noise of generators running all day has now become accustomed to by the residents.

Someone once said that the  famous apartments which are one bedroom that used to be called “face-me-I-face-you” but  now called “face-me-I-slap-you” because of how harsh life can be.

What happened to the parks  meant for public relaxation , the buildings , even basic services ? some say they’ve been sold while others say they have been neglected.  So its now Everyman for himself hustle .

Festac was once the pride of the nation Nigeria far back as 1977 when it was initially built to serve and host worldwide delegates to the pan-African cultural extravaganza called Festac ’77. Then we had our own administration that was effective but now they hardly deliver to the people.

Festac used to have its own functioning power station, street lamps that flooded light onto the side walks in the evenings, post office etc.. But Now nothing . The street lights that used to function have now been turned to poster pasting points .

Taking a look at our markets ,

even though the government officials have stated that the places being used as markets such as Agboju (people selling close to the Badagry express way ) are illegally doing so , at the same time fees and levies are still collected from these individuals.

Do you know that the building where the eatery  TFC is located now was sold by the government . That building used to house the Housing Authority Office .



Then when you make complains they would be attended to but now nobody cares.  The government  has sold everything that used to make sense back then .

Looking at most building if not all that are block of flats , they look deteriorated, black moulds growing on them , some have not been painted since 1977 , some of them have been painted by the residents who have to cough out money painstakingly from their meagre salaries just to make their place of abode comfortable. Some houses have not had water run through the pipes since far back as 1995 .


Festac Town that was once a modern city , housing estate has now been turned to a village , in fact some villages are more well taken care of .  The government and authorities  have really abandoned the people and their welfare.

The worst of all is the lack of electricity which can last for as long as two months and the appauling state of the roads which are hardly motorable. sometimes for two months .

So What Really Happened  Happened To Festac Town ?

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